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 In earlier years the region in north of the Harz was the place of a variety of mining business, such as potash, oil wells and clay pits. Especially the iron ore mines were known to be bigger and more productive than the famous silver mines of the Harz mountains. If you look at the southern part of the Salzgitter ridge, around the city of Liebenburg, there were the mines Ida, Fortuna, Morgenstern, Anna-Hoffnung und Georg-Friedrich. In some cases those mines were  producing iron ore over a duration of centuries. And there were several railroads transporting their products to the smelting plants at Ilsede and Salzgitter. The era of mining ended with the closure of the last mines, in the southern ridge Georg-Friedrich (1968) and in the north Haverlahwiese (1982). The rich history of those mines seems to be forgotten. The shafts are backfilled, the buildings are down or changed for another use. But there are exceptions. In the year 2006 a group of mining enthusiasts gathered to excavate the hidden entrance of the main transport gallery of the Georg-Friedrich mine, the so called Schroederstollen - those were the origin of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schroederstollen. Today, the reconstruction of the gallery with a former length of 2,2 km has reached a point which makes it possible to visit the first 800 m underground. The yard of the old ore transport railroad in front of the portal carries now a collection of very special trains which document the history of pit railways. On this homepage you can read about the work and plans of our club, about visiting us and about our history. As we are doing this without payment, it is impossible for us to keep a second homepage running especially in english language. But we try to give you a few necessary informations you will need if you plan to visit us. Just follow the links on this page. The tabs on the left will lead you only to german language, but maybe give a first impression of our motivations. If you have questions, just ask.

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